Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Introducing: Sunday Strolls (Photo Blog)

I'm a big fan of blog themes, as long as they're inspired, not just there for the sake of themes.

For example, there is little joy in doing a theme done a thousand times, unless it inspires you to create something new. On the other hand, the more personal a theme, the more connected you feel to it. Case in point: in the summer of 2012 I came up with a new tradition, and time transformed it into a weekly pleasure. Ever since, I've been dying to turn in into a blog theme (hoping that won't suck the joy out of it).

And today's the day I unleash it. I called it Sunday Strolls because it reflects the essence of my ritual. Every Sunday, I go out (wherever I am in the world), and take a random walk around the town/city, or even go to surrounding areas, and collect treasures, a.k.a. photos. It's like synchronicity: sometimes the photos will be very random and plain, but every once in a while, I'll come across a jewel...

Below are two of my favorite Sunday Strolls photos of all time. I love them because they inspire me.

When I lived in Canterbury, I had a strange obsession with swans. It continued when I moved to London. This beauty was splashing around one Sunday, and I had the pleasure of photoshooting it.

I called this photo "perspective" because that's exactly what it is. When I posted it on the artsy haven HitRECord, I added: "You don't go looking for perspective. It finds you." I needed that then.
(Location: Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK)

I can't really say I've never missed a Sunday, but then again, I had to live camera-less for a few months. (The horror!) Whenever I could, it was my absolute pleasure to continue the tradition. That's why it makes me so happy to share my discoveries with you here. Hopefully they inspire you, as they have me.

And if you want to do Sunday Strolls too, do it! I want to see all of the treasures you find. It's the whole point of Sunday Strolls. One of my favorite parts about travel blogging is looking at photos of places I've never been but hope to go one day. And as every photo captures the essence of the place, I feel connected to the person who's taken it. And they feel connected, too. So don't stay home on Sunday. Don't work.

If God took a break on the seventh day, I think we can all do the same!

And here are the photos I took on my birthday (13.01.2013), which happened to be on a Sunday.

What I love about Rome is that art is practically all around. You sit down to get coffee, and you stare at the beautiful tokens of the past, like lamps, and vases, and fountains. And then you see the metro and the news stands, and you realize you haven't gone back in time, but still it feels that way. 
(Location: Piazza della Reppublica)

I love this phone booth. I noticed it for the first time this Sunday.

Believe it or not, in six months, this is the first time I've seen this amazing building from up close. It's the Basillica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a.k.a. the biggest Roman Catholic Church in Rome. 

Look closely. Can you see how every building is a slightly different shade of cream?

One of the many fountains of Rome, in front of the Basillica. More colorful buildings and some erosion from the constant water flow. Time is unforgiving, but also very gentle. There is beauty in aging.

I forget this sometimes but winter can be just as beautiful as the other seasons. It strips the trees of their crowns and leaves them looking like hungry hands emerging from odd places in the concrete.

A tiny car. You can fit it anywhere. Just chuck it in your pocket if there's no parking space.

No man is an island. Except this one, apparently. It's a modern art piece plopped in the middle of traffic around Termini (central bus/train/metro station). It's amazing how Rome keeps growing its heritage, not just by restoring historical sites, but also incorporating modern art. Now that's true dedication.
("Conversazioni" by Oliviero Reinaldi)

Finally, a bit of the traditional Roman roads. Just leave your high heels at home.

Watch this site for more random shots around Rome and surrounding areas. Next time I might walk around the Campo dei Fiori area, which includes my favorite piazza in Rome: Navona. It's a masterpiece!

Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think of the photos. Spread the love! :)

P.S. All photographs belong to me. They were taken with a Canon PowerShot A2300, then adjusted with Photoshop CS6. If you want to use anything, please let me know and link back. Thanks!